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Bug Database Submit bugs about the configuration of this Bugzilla installation in here.
IT Tasks Issues related to IT support, maintenance, upgrades, etc. If only we had time to do them all....
Power*Dashboard Dashboard web application for managers.
Project Planner A Java-based application for creating project diagrams on a Java Web Start-based client and storing them on a server backend. You can also share and publish diagrams onto the SQL Power website, and other users can rate and comment on your diagrams.
SQL Power Architect SQL Power's visual database schema creation tool, featuring integrated ETL metadata tracking and exporting
SQL Power DQguru (formerly Power*Matchmaker) SQLPower's data cleansing and deduping tool
SQL Power Wabit SQL Power's ad-hoc reporting tool.
SQL Power Web Site Our external website
SQLPower Java Library The Java library with a collection of code used by several of our apps.